About WeTest

WeTest began as a MeetUp group in Wellington for testers who were interested in discussing their experiences with other practitioners. Since its launch in September 2012 by co-founders Katrina Clokie and Aaron Hodder, the Wellington WeTest MeetUp group has grown to over 500 members. In August 2013 the Auckland WeTest MeetUp group was founded by Shirley Tricker and now has over 800 members.

In both cities, the WeTest groups hold regular MeetUps that include practical workshops, experience reports, facilitated discussions and social events. In every format, the attendees are encouraged to discuss, question, challenge, and share ideas on the topic. Participation is expected and testers come prepared to contribute!

WeTest is a supportive forum for local testers to practice their presentation skills in front of a friendly audience. We have launched the speaking careers of a number of testers, with a proud tradition of diversity in our speaker selection. Alongside our local talent, we are often privileged to have the opportunity to host international visitors.

There has been an annual WeTest conference since 2013. This has grown from a half-day weekend event for 50 people, into a full-day weekday event for 500 people across two cities. We hope to continue to see this event evolve.

About the Conference Committee

Katrina ClokieConference Chair
KATRINA CLOKIE leads a team of around 100 testers as the Test Practice Manager at the Bank of New Zealand. Katrina is an active contributor to the international testing community as the author of A Practical Guide to Testing in DevOps, a co-founder of Testing Trapeze magazine, a co-founder of the WeTest New Zealand testing community, an international conference speaker, frequent blogger and twitter.
Adam HowardProgram Chair
ADAM HOWARD is the Test Practice Manager at Trade Me; New Zealand's largest marketplace. Passionate about evolving the way testing is both performed and perceived, Adam is a regular speaker at conferences and meet-ups both in New Zealand and internationally. He likes to chip in to the NZ testing scene by helping out with WeTest meet-ups, and he co-founded the Testing Trapeze magazine. Adam keeps a fairly irregular blog, and occasionally manages to be concise enough to tweet as @adammhoward.
Ardian SilvandiantoVenue Chair
ARDIAN SILVANDIANTO is a passionate QA Analyst at Xero who enjoys experiments and learning new things to make testing fun and collaborative activity.
Shirley ThickerSponsorship Chair
SHIRLEY TRICKER is an Agile Coach and career mentor in Auckland. She has experience in a variety of testing and other IT roles and co-founded WeTest Auckland. She can be found on Twitter and via her blog.
Shaun BoyceTicketing Chair
SHAUN BOYCE works as a Quality Assurance Analyst at Xero in Wellington, where he spends his days testing, as well as taking a stab at helping individuals and teams discover effective, healthy ways to get-s(tuff)-done.
Barbara KeenanFinance Chair
BARBARA KEENAN is an Automation Tester at BNZ. Barbara joined the testing community in 2014 having come from a legal and accounting background. She is an enthusiastic tester and has been enjoying the challenge of learning automation. When not contemplating object variables, Barbara can most likely be found in the bush leading day walks for a local walking group.
Mas Danung EndartoMarketing Chair
MAS DANUNG ENDARTO is a Test Analyst at Broadcast MAP in Auckland. Danung started doing testing in 2007 after finishing his Graduate Diploma in IT. Along with his Law degree, it helps him to analyze and test stuff. A husband and father of his two beautiful kids, Danung loves football and watching movies. He thinks testing is fun.
Aaron HodderMaster of Ceremonies
AARON HODDER is a context-driven tester from Wellington, New Zealand, with a true passion for the software testing profession. He is an advocate for structured exploratory testing techniques such as session- and thread-based test management, and visual methods of test reporting. Active in the software testing community through speaking at international conferences, he also co-founded WeTest Workshops in Wellington, and regularly blogs and tweets about testing.

Contact us at admin@wetest.co.nz.