WeTest 2018

WeTest Conference 2018

Our 2018 conferences were held in Auckland and Wellington.

We brought together top international and local talent to share their experiences.

This page contains an archive of material from the conference.


WeTest 2018 Speakers



Richard Bradshaw

Redefining Test Automation

Jackie Wang

A change of mindset: Testing in a dual track agile environment

Morris Nye

Test Reporting in the Hallway

Mrinal Mukherjee

Compliance is dead! Long live compliance!

Anish Prasannan

That doesn't look right!

Allen Geer & Amanda Baker

Continuously testing govt.nz with Specification by Example and Behat

Marianne Duijst

Wearing Hermione's Hat: Narratology for Testers

Dan Barrow & James Espie

Avoiding cataclysm as a change catalyst

Mel Eaden & Em Preston

Ready, Testers? Let's go back to the future!

Selena Delesie

Secrets to cultivating awesome superhero teams

Sketch Notes by Marianne Duijst

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